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The things I'll do for badges... :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 2 1
Pokemon TF RP 2
I'm having fun with the first one, so let's make a second! :D
OPTION 1: We're walking down the street, when suddenly we're knocked unconscious. When we wake up, we're in some sort of laboratory strapped to a table. After the TF, you can't speak English anymore.
OPTION 2: You're just walking around, minding your own business, when a portal suddenly opens up beneath you. You turn into a Pokémon, and I end up catching you, bringing you on an adventure. Something small and carryable is preferred. Speaking English is optional.
:bulletred:I hate being the one to end RPs, so I will use a three strike system. Three strikes and I end the RP. I will let you know if you get a strike.
:bulletred:No vore or other fetishes. I'm not into that kind of stuff.
:bulletred:No mature. I'm also not really into that.
:bulletred:The Pokemon you pick MUST be first evolution. No legendaries, mythicals, or fakemon please.
:bulletred:Side effects not allowed are AP, WG, Split, Mic
:iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 4 2,433
Request: Litten :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 5 1 2-22-22 is on a TUESday 0_0 :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 4 4 2,000 PAGE VIEWS WUT? :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 3 2 Monday the 13th :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 2 1 So I'm in math... :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 3 4
PMD: Heroes of Draconis (Part One)
After Ashley finished explaining to Smokey how to walk...
"OK. I think I'm good now." Smokey says happily.
"You sure? You're still kinda wobbly." Ashley replies.
"Yeah. I'll figure it out. This is good for now."
"Alright. If you say so!" Ashley tilts her head. "What do you plan to do, anyway?"
Smokey thinks about it for a while. "I... Don't know. I kinda just got here, and I don't remember anything..."
Ashley walks over to Smokey. "You can't remember anything?" Her ears droop. "Nothing at all?"
"Well... I remember my name, but that's it..."
"What is it, then?"
"It's Smokey. Who're you?"
"I'm Ashley. Nice to meet you, Smokey!"
"Nice to meet you, too!" Smokey looks around. "So what do I do now?"
"Well, I can take you to town if you'd like."
"That would be nice. Lead the way!"
Ashley nods and leads the way.
One lame excuse for a transition later...
The two soon arrive in a medieval, yet modern looking town.
"Welcome to Draconis!" Ashley says with a smile.
:iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 1 0
Request: Nightflare the Houndoom :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 7 21
Pokemon TF RP
I've been really enjoying Pokemon RPs, so why don't I make some starters?
Option 1: We're walking through the woods, chatting, when we find something. When we take a closer look at it, we start feeling strange. TF can happen to me, you, or both of us. You can choose if you still speak English or not.
Option 2: This one is PMD style. I find you unconscious on a beach as a Pokemon, and you can't remember anything except your name and that you're a human. This is not limited only to Pokemon you can be in the games. For example, Ralts is okay. Roles can be swapped if you wish. We can also both become a Pokemon if you wish.
:bulletred:I really hate ending RPs, so I will use a three strike system. Three strikes and I end the RP. I will let you know if you get a strike.
:bulletred:No vore or other fetishes. I'm not into that kind of stuff.
:bulletred:No mature. I'm also not really into that.
:bulletred:The Pokemon you pick MUST be first evolution. No legendaries, m
:iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 6 8,185
I got photobombed by a crocodile. :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 2 12 Explorers of Shadows Meme :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 9 16 Face Reveal + Another Puppy Picture :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 1 8 New puppy!!! :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 5 9 Hurricane Matthew is here :iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 0 4
Prologue Rewritten
I was sleeping peacefully. Until that voice jarred me awake. "Finally! I found you!"
I flinched at the sudden burst of noise. "Huh...?" I looked around in the darkness. "Who said that"
"Don't worry about that," the voice said, cryptically. "My name isn't important."
"Um... okay?" This was starting to weird me out. "What do you want then?"
"Our world is in danger," was the only answer the voice gave.
"That doesn't really answer my question," I said. This cryptic thing is getting old, fast. "What world?" I demanded.
"There's no time to expla..." I strained my ears, but the voice kept fading away.
"What're you-?" I started to say. Then the floor gave way and I started to fall.
For the second time today, I woke up to a mysterious voice.
"Hello? He-Hello? Pleeeeeeeeeease don't be dead..."
I groaned and sat up. I winced at the sudden daylight as the source of the voice jumped back.
"Oh! You're alive!" a cloudy figure said.
I blinked the grogginess out of my eyes. "Ugh... What... What hap
:iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 0 3


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Thanks for the B-Day drawing :D
(DRAWING) Jake's Blocks
Here's another transparent drawing made as a birthday gift for Emerald4713 .
Why? Because, I want to give him a lot of thanks since he's the one who first came up with Jake's concept and character in the very first RP I've ever participated, so I'm really thankful and would like to wish you a happy birthday, ka-deviant! :D

  Oshawott Happy Dance Plz 
I love it when I'm in math and I do a problem in 2 seconds flat, and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy XD
I'm hunting for a Modest HA Vulpix in Pokémon Sun. This is gonna suck.

(Its HA is Snow Warning, and I'll use Aurora Veil while holding Soft Clay to make it last 8 turns instead of 5, then I'll teach it Blizzard, which never misses in hail :3)


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